Why do furniture designers love to design a chair?

Many furniture designers are keen to design chairs, and even some cross-border designers, such as architects, industrial designers, textile designers, also enthusiasm to put into the creation of the chair. Although the chair has its rare role, for a wide range of high frequency of use, not only in the home life, in public places of entertainment, offices and so are indispensable. A good chair, its visual aesthetics and functionality are complementary, from any point of view it is like a work of art as perfect, placed at home can dot the space, and in the use of the process, it is more comfortable Incomparable. Classic chairs have even a hundred years of history, or are sold in jewelry stores. Designers in the design process is also the culture, history, ergonomics, aesthetics, durability and so on together, so designed a chair, only timeless.

Denmark - as the design of the country, its furniture design has long been known to the world, nearly a hundred years, more design designers to create a world-renowned chair, today, still leading the fashion.

Famous Danish designers and their masterpieces

Kyle Clint - Barcelona Chairs

Kyle Clint is Danish modern furniture originator, known as "the father of Danish furniture design", "Danish first functionalist design master", its prominent design principle is to take the tradition. In addition to the masterpiece "Barcelona chair", there are "spiral stool", "travel chair", "deck chair" and so on.

Fen Gul - pond oysters

Fen Gul is one of the perfect designers of hand craftsmanship and modern art. He changed the practice of pragmatism in Nordic design, transformed into a soft organic design style, and created the 1960s Danish furniture design industry The first of its kind. In addition to "pond", the "armchair", "chief chair", "sofa" is also called masterpiece.

Hans J. Wigner - Mingjie

Hans J. Wigner designed more than 500 chairs throughout his life, known as the "master of the chair." Famous design "Mingjie", "circle chair", "peacock chair", "hanging clothes chair" and so on. And the combination of traditional Chinese culture, "Ming Jie" is a pinnacle, the "Mingjie" in the modern aesthetic design in the regeneration, so far, no one foreigners do not have a Chinese can go beyond him.

Anne Jacobson - Egg shell chair

Anne Jacobson combines the traditional Danish material with the international style, and the furniture design shows a deep understanding of the factors that are needed for human physique comfort. The most representative of the design of "egg shell chair" and "swan chair", these two chairs and his early "ant chair" together to become the 20th century furniture classic.

Wiener Panton - Panton chair

Wiener Panton is known as the "Danish design geek", designed to shock the world. Extreme use of color and bold attempt to new materials can not. Panton chair is the world's many museum collections, a modern furniture in the history of a revolutionary breakthrough, which is the world's first one molded glass fiber reinforced plastic chair.

Nana Ditzel - Butterfly Chairs

Nana Dizel is the most successful female designer in the Nordic school, and has the "design lady", which creates the treasures that can not be replaced in the 20th century. Because of the arc, the circular composition, the rhythm of the color arrangement and repetition of particular interest, Nana Diczel devote themselves to the butterfly flying sense of ease and for the design, the design of the representative butterfly chair.

BoConcept Nordic style teach you to choose a chair

The style of the chair should be coordinated with the overall style of the family, and the number should be the number of people and the size of the accommodation to adapt. Seat height, seat deep, back, material, etc. are to ensure the comfort factor. Seat height should be equal to the length of the calf, sit down after the natural drooping legs, feet just landing. Seat depth should be equal to the length of the thigh, sit down after the knee bend just to the chair side. The inside of the chair is strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of the elastic layer. And the body contact with the material should be breathable, wear, dirt, and not easy to produce static electricity with the human body or clothing. Back to the waist, back and neck to play all or part of the supporting role.

Single chair because of its different shape of the circle, the use of space also has different functions. High back single chair, suitable for home use, can pass a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, strong color contrast, with a strong visual beauty of the chair, suitable for single nobility or studio; personal style strong leisure chair , Recliner, rocking chair, suitable for placement in the corner of the space or balcony, can play the role of landscaping.

Double chairs for bedroom, can lie lying, can put clothes. When choosing, consider the function and material. In function, double chairs can meet the needs of two or three people. Common material is cloth and leather. Cloth easy to clean and exchange, the cortex can be noble.


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