What is the standard size of the office chair?

What is the standard size of the office chair?
What is the size of an office chair? The specific size of the office chair design is based on its different functions, in accordance with the human body measurement data and national standards issued by the standard, constantly testing high-speed reasonable selection of values ​​to meet the scientific design requirements. For most designers and manufacturers, to determine the appropriate furniture scale is to create ergonomic office furniture, the first step, but also an extremely important step, because the furniture is long, wide, high and determine the formation of the formation of space Relationship and so on are inseparable from the human scale and its measurement data.
However, the general business can not be in the designer when the office furniture design again to measure a lot of data. There is no professional equipment and specialized mapping staff, the data is unscientific and unreliable, while manufacturers do not have a lot of time and energy used in data measurement, therefore, designers should be good at using the existing authoritative data, and according to the actual The situation, based on the data obtained on the basis of flexible use, appropriate to adjust the adjustment, the heart can really design ergonomic office furniture, master the design principles of the human body mainly from the following aspects:
1, to understand the national standard data
2, the design is good at using human measurement data
3, learn high speed and update size data
We get the measurement of the size of the data in addition to the flexibility to use, but also take into account its advance with the times. Everything in the world is not immutable, it will evolve and change. Therefore, this measurement data will change with the times, changes in social and cultural changes. So, if you do not know how to use the data rationally, understand the nature of the use of ergonomic data, will only use the mechanical use, then there will be counterproductive effect.
Early ergonomics mainly studied the relationship between man and engineering machinery, that is, man-machine relationship. The contents of the human body structure size and function size, operating device, control panel of the visual display, which involves the psychology, human anatomy and anthropometry, and then study the interaction between people and the environment, that is, human-environmental relations, This involves the psychology, environmental psychology and so on. So far, ergonomic research content is still developing, not unified.
Standard size of office chair
Parameter Name Male Female Parameter Name Male Female
Sitting height 41 ~ 43cm39 ~ 41cm back height 41 ~ 42cm39 ~ 40cm
Sitting depth 40 ~ 42cm38 ~ 40cm back width 40 ~ 42cm40 ~ 42.04cm
Sitting in front of the width of 40 ~ 42cm40 ~ 42cm backrest tilt of three 98 ° ~ 102 ° 98 ° ~ 102 °
Sitting back after the width of 30 ~ 40cm38 ~ 40cm