The importance of purchasing high quality office chairs


From the user's point of view, cortical chair than the desk, filing cabinets and other office furniture on the health of people is more important. Eight hours a day, some people have seven hours sitting in the office chair. Visible office chair is vital to people's health. Bad office chair allows users to sit bad, causing spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.
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2017 high-tech comfortable ergonomic with soft pad luxury office chair(Noru)

So a good leather class chair to protect the user's health. From another point of view, low-quality office chair because the user sitting uncomfortable, will affect the user's mood, reduce efficiency; even a day wasted ten minutes, two thousand down a year, equivalent to 33 hours, 30 yuan , A waste of about a thousand dollars. Wasting a thousand dollars a year, five years a waste of five thousand dollars. On the other hand poor quality office chair is not conducive to the company's image, resulting in negative impact can not be quantitatively measured. There may also be excellent employees who resigned because of the chair sitting uncomfortable, which is also a major loss. So from an economic point of view, buy a good office chair even if it is expensive, but also cost-effective. Five hundred companies are basically using the world famous chair, the price probably equivalent to more than 8,000 yuan.
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What is a good chair?
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First, the ergonomic chair must be able to protect the health of the user is qualified office chair, starting from this standard, the market sales of office chairs 80% failed.
Second, beautiful office chair must be beautiful design, on the one hand reflects the company's image, on the one hand gives a pleasant feeling. A tasteful office chair is like a work of art, so that the office adds a beautiful landscape.