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Trend, has been a chase of all walks of life to chase a phenomenon.As a lot of time, with the trend, it means that the direction of the direction of the direction of the right, it is clear that the distance from the gold rush is not far.This article, I combined with their own practice and some of the industry point of view, talk about the furniture industry seven new trends.

The next few years the furniture industry will continue to grow

In recent years, real estate to inventory, second child release and urbanization and other policies to accelerate the impact of the real estate market will maintain steady growth. Furniture industry is a consumer area, by the economic development, urbanization process, the residents income and other factors, and the real estate industry cycle there is a correlation. By the sale of housing, delivery and decoration of the time difference between the impact of the general sales of furniture sales lag six months to a year or so. From the second half of 2015, the upstream real estate industry to resume high-speed growth, 2016 national commercial housing construction and completion of the end of four years of negative growth, the major cities in the real estate to the effect of far more than expected.

The future of the main market consumption will be the central and western regions, second and third tier cities, small and medium-sized cities and towns of the rapid urbanization of the new needs and the eastern region of the high-end consumer upgrades; 25-35-year-old city residents will be the new " The

Furniture industry cluster will be decentralized and spread

The traditional Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea, southwest furniture production clusters will be moderate dispersion and spread. Especially the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin region on environmental protection, taxation and other comprehensive consideration, have "Teng cage for birds." With the rapid increase in land, rent, labor costs and market factors, a new round of industrial agglomeration will be a large number of central and western regions and even to Southeast Asia transfer focus. Hebei Zhuangjiang, Changwu; Anhui Lu'an; Jiangxi Nankang and other places, many professional furniture industry park in recent years have emerged.

Billions of giants will slowly surfaced

"41", which is currently the number of home industry listed companies. Only 2017 years, the home industry has six home enterprises listed. Big household industry has 4 trillion market size, no one enterprise over ten billion revenue history will end.

Many billions of enterprises have made more brands, multi-category, multi-channel, such as Gu family sofa, soft bed and mattress products, ancillary products such as coffee table, dining table and other products through the unified sales, 2016 also officially established Gu custom , One-stop service layout is maturing.

Qu Mei to achieve operating income of 1.66 billion yuan, an increase of 32.52%. Qu Mei "design", "marketing" both, Qu Mei efforts to create online and offline integration OAO sales channel platform to enhance the channel endogenous growth momentum, eight living museum products modified custom.

Meike home multi-brand strategy is also of concern. In 2016, the United States grams of home operating income of 3.467 billion yuan, an increase of 21.26%, mainly due to domestic retail business revenue growth over the same period last year. In fact, the United States grams of home has not satisfied the identity of retailers, is trying to implement multi-brand development strategy.

Yihua home last year to achieve revenue 5.7 billion, an increase of 24.14%. In the category, Yihua in addition to the acquisition of the world through the wholly-owned sofa master Waldorf into the software furniture market, but also capital increase Wo Di home and holding multi-dimensional book cut into the custom furniture industry. Yihua is from the furniture - home - the whole family transformation, to create Y + Pan home eco-circle, its large home industry chain layout also continued to land.

The whole house custom home leading brand dimension customization, in recent years caused widespread concern in the industry. According to the data, the sales revenue of the Group has continued to rise in recent years, and the operating income from 2014 to 2016 is RMB1.912 billion, RMB3,087 million and RMB4,026 million respectively, with an average annual increase of more than 45% speed. Is considered the most likely to cross the billions of furniture threshold customization.

At the same time that the layman of the giants, have entered the home line, food industry big cake.

Country Garden to produce furniture (activities, civil, hotel, solid), flooring (solid, solid wood, composite), cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and other finished household items.

Millet as early as 2013 began action millet smart home, and China Resources Land, gold and other real estate business cooperation, millet smart home products will enter the real estate business owners home. Qu Mei and Haier to do custom home;

Ke Tian Group into the pan-home industry;

NVC Lighting set up a pan-home business, trying to integrate large home and so on.

Custom home blowout, full house custom home will be the outbreak of growth

Held this year in 2017 the 19th Guangzhou Fair, to carry out the period of 390,000 square meters of the exhibition hall into the sea, overcrowding. The biggest bright spot is that China's custom industry blows up, and almost all of the venues are related to customization. Through the new software design, the use of independent furniture space design software, VR system and a key product information generation system, the user in the space design, you can immediately through the VR system 720 degrees panoramic view of the future living space of the real environment. After the program is determined, you can quickly generate furniture, flooring, jewelry and a series of product information list, the order after the manufacturers of various products will quickly stocking, to achieve a one-click experience fast custom home consumption.

In recent years, the first involved in custom business, no doubt made a first-mover advantage. They are often from a single category such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, wooden doors and other market segments, have to expand the whole category, until the whole house custom; from a single product furniture suppliers to the overall system solutions provider to provide consumers with " Design + product + service "one-stop solution.

"This is the performance of business upgrades, but also the performance of the whole house custom hot, according to this situation, custom home improvement in five years is still the protagonist of the furniture industry." Experts pointed out that the market competition, who first grasp the initiative, who You can get good development.

New models have emerged new channels

Impressive 2016 Taobao "double 11" shopping festival, home industry completed the day 120.7 billion in sales. Lin's wood sold the same day 6.1 million. What a breathtaking figure. In addition to a special electric business furniture sales platform, some brands have begun to set up their own network sales department, hoping to share in the era of mobile Internet share. The Internet is giving us a new way of life, and who can grasp this way, who will be the final winner.

With the development of science and technology, "smart" has become a way of life and social trends, and the popularity of smart phones that year, the furniture industry has begun to focus on user needs and keep up with social trends, involved in smart home R & D, Convenient at the same time, but also increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. Including millet, Haier and other manufacturers are also moving to the smart home.

Intelligent home market in 2011 after the obvious growth momentum; by 2014, a large number of manufacturers have begun intensive layout of intelligent home; 2017 began, the number of smart home business is still a substantial increase.

The rise of the middle class, imports and high-end furniture, a huge potential, "big city + good store + good lineage + good design" will be able to sell astronomical out.

Environmental issues of concern, zero aldehyde non-toxic furniture market. In recent years, ecological deterioration, haze and other environmental problems become increasingly serious, environmental protection has become a hot topic, the topic also led to consumer concerns about environmental protection furniture.

The traditional market channels in the city business district, in the furniture store. And now there will be more and more enterprises and products will appear online, as well as shopping centers, communities, real estate, model rooms, home improvement company, TV shopping, independent outlets.

Will the new process change the traditional production model?

With the industrialized mass production of furniture, advanced furniture manufacturing technology is using digital control technology, new sensing technologies such as laser measurement and new mechanical technology to improve processing efficiency and machining accuracy. In the saw, planing, drilling, veneer, edge, etc. there have been many new equipment, the corresponding use of many new processes. Domestic large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprises will further use these latest production technology, opened the market competition of various enterprises grade. Artificial intelligence robots will quickly appear in the workshop of the major enterprises. Products will come better and better, the more fine, more and more large-scale. Domestic large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprises will further use these latest production technology, opened the market competition of various enterprises grade.

Traditional finished furniture deep transformation?

Product material, solid wood into the market is absolutely mainstream. I do not know since when, in the major cities of the mainstream stores, has not seen the plate of finished furniture. Consumers after years of cultivation and consumption upgrades, that solid wood furniture, high-grade, natural environmental protection, handsome in appearance, long service life.

Product style, the previous multi-style market structure, is attributed to the Chinese, American, Scandinavian, modern four categories. Mediterranean, Korean, French, European style has been marginalized.

Product positioning, the market return to reason, most of the ordinary consumers are still the pursuit of "delicious not expensive" simple principle. Is like a solid wood, but not too expensive

But the homogeneity of the market so that many large enterprises miserable. And consumers in the tens of thousands of square meters of furniture shopping malls and the same style, with the color, with the same material and the price of furniture confused and overwhelmed. Homogeneous market eager to differentiate the recipe. As the market competition intensifies, the furniture industry will move towards specialization and segmentation.

This is the best of a industry, but also a worst industry, it is a product king, the mode of winning the times. We look forward to a healthy, energetic and progressive furniture industry!


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