Talk about the experience of buying solid wood furniture.

Choose solid wood furniture, pit a lot, the main routines too much, buyers overwhelmed, only you can not think, no fake can not do
Pick solid wood furniture, first understand the solid wood furniture, summed up the mystery formula may help you skip the big pit
Just look at the purchase when the expression of a little pondered slightly asked to sell a few questions can be heard about:
We think that it is clear that we can do open painting first. Texture is not good with the wood, clear and not clear with the time to do the painting brush enough to play enough. In addition, many furniture is now made of teeth. The effect of comparison Oh. Buy the words to buy straight puzzle to do, although your point.
Followed by the teeth of the stricter frightening fircha connection plate into the slot where the paint is not enough oil if there is no closed buy back easy to swell deformation.
Material is also very important to distinguish between tree species of raw materials are garbage. But the good furniture will use the Falcon anti-deformation groove positioning pin these things to make up for material defects.
Then there is the structure, and choose their own. Many furniture because it is a series of products. There are many places of the structure just to support, practical no. Of course, this also see your personal preferences.
Another water-based paint the most environmentally friendly non-toxic but the hardness is almost not heat to pay attention to maintenance