Some selection of oak office furniture

Some selection of oak office furniture

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Wood furniture, especially wooden furniture, now occupies the premier market for working furniture, thanks to the quality of wooden furniture, the quality of wood furniture is not only reliable and to a certain extent it is easier to use and we wipe! but some of the options and select wood furniture wood work is also a very tangled questions, and now we are like deep oak furniture furniture for work, it is derived from the primary Oak work furniture raw material reasons! But in the choice of oak furniture when we have to pay attention to there will be many!

Oak work furniture is being favored by the market. Oak is oak, but excellent material is rare, excellent oak still need to import from abroad, which is the important reason for high prices of oak furniture. As the market is popular, profitable, and therefore can not help but show in the market to fake true, quite a distant appearance, then in the usual days should be how to identify the oak screen workplace furniture. Shanghai Hong Zhen office furniture Xiaobian given a detailed introduction:

The essence is not fine

Consumers if the purchase of dark oak furniture, we must be careful, to observe some of the color is not painted, to see whether the unique characteristics of oak unique.

2. Wood grain is not understand pretty

The more clear the oak wood grain, the higher the common value.

3. Wood color is not pure

Oak furniture, the best choice of "nature", the current international nature is also the highest value of preservation. Most of the fake goods are impure, and even have spots, black spots.

The essence is not boring

As the oak texture hard sink, water off the net is more difficult.Many manufacturers are eager to profit, not off the water and manufacturing furniture, after a year or so only began to deformation, need special attention.

5. Timber is not straight

Oak in the dehydration of simple "aliasing", excessive twists and turns of the sample is no longer suitable for the use of furniture, but valuable, many manufacturers still use this deformation of the furniture to do furniture.

6. Whether the manufacturing is delicate

Oak furniture manufacturing level is very different, the quality of workmanship and technology to reflect the company's production level, consumers should carefully choose. About narrative about oak furniture identify ways to work more, trust netizens how to distinguish oak furniture in the coming days also have more insight, together we can also expect to better use.


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