How to choose the chair height

Bar chair in the use of life more and more widely used in bars, restaurants, or some of the places such as shopping malls, full of passion, fashion, fashion and other elements. Bar chair height also has certain requirements, usually the bar chair has the function of self adjustment height, then, it is the height of the chair in the most appropriate?
Bar chair because it has contemporary feeling and metal texture and welcomed by everyone, similar the shape and ordinary chair, but also can rotate 360 degrees, but seat surface from the ground is relatively high, the different kinds of style bar chairs will have different height, the general chair height can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the people, chair height can be decided according to the bar, below the bar 20-40cm is generally more appropriate.

However, many bar chair with lifting function can control the height, but there are also some bar chair height is no lifting function, the fixed bar chair height is usually between 80-100cm, there are some places that may be of special will need some relatively high chair, there are also some places that may be of special will need some shorter bar chair, it is necessary to depend on the specific circumstances.
Overall, most of it chair because of different environments, the height of the need is not the same, bar chair height from the shortest distance from the ground range is 40 - 55 cm, the highest range is is the most appropriate between the 70-85cm.
Not only it chair height vary, its size is not the same, the common bar chair size is about L42*W46.5*H92cm and size in addition, L44*W44*H83cm, L45*W50*H99cm, L45*W45*H92cm and so on also has a lot in common, chair of the size.