Home renewal do not have to "hard" to the United States can also soft landing

Home renewal do not have to "hard" to the United States can also soft landing
Design is not just about beauty
Home design is even more so
The architect determines the structure of the space

Interior design will really define the feeling of living
When we live among them
Effectively interact with every corner of the room
The taste of the family will be in the day after day of the diet
Become vivid and have temperature
This is also the design of the most essential forces



Last year, the transformation of the fire program, not only to include the Castle Peak Zhou Ping, including outstanding young architects have been the public awareness, but also to the general public really feel the power of design.
In the program, the designers, like the magician, opened the partition, stamped the loft, so that the original dark and dull dwelling into a bright and open warm home, give the beauty of the home space, leaving the family members to get along with the small space Bright, comfortable and convenient, for many of the dwelling people who retrieve the dignity of life and love of life.
And as ordinary people, we do not have to go to war, chisel wall construction, starting from the soft device can make a face change. Changing the home style through soft suits is easier to achieve, more interesting, and more temperature, the atmosphere of the atmosphere affects our state, and we record our memories of life.
So that the annual flow of color into the home

Since Pantone color from the designer staff must be the color of the secrets of everyone to become the popular wind vane, popular color also began from the T station all the way to the home space, before the quiet blue, crystal powder "Dengtang burglary", after the beginning of this year Baked grass green popular, as long as with properly, any seemingly "bold" with the color will not appear unexpected.


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