Home knowledge: Do not know the four elements to buy furniture

With the gradual deterioration of the living environment, the exposed quality problems are filled with people's attention, concerned about the health began to stand on the tide of the trend of fashion, resulting in the "green series" - such as green food, green Home appliances, etc. is in the ascendant, and with this wave of surging waves of green home waves is to emphasize environmental health, and furniture has become one of the most important of the study. Xiao Bian that environmental health home should at least meet the following points:

Dining chair


First, the furniture from the natural, do not produce harmful substances on the human body

Material selection is the biggest factor in determining the health of furniture, healthy products must be environmentally friendly wood, formaldehyde content of products strictly controlled under the national testing standards, does not produce irritating odor. Paint should be selected lead-free non-toxic non-stimulating paint, in line with international green standards. Such as the market's brand, Han Li home furnishings in this piece of furniture made a very meticulous. Han Li are equipped with the highest international environmental standards in line with the level of E1-class all the pine as the substrate, the introduction of South Korea's technology, Germany Hammer professional production lines and other fine processing technology, and all the holes in the cabinet cover all sealed The best sealing of the cabinet, put an end to the formaldehyde, benzene, radon and other harmful chemical pollution.

Second, the furniture should be the overall style, the use of color does not hurt the eyesight

The style of home can vote on the mood of the residents have a great impact on the overall style of unity can make people who feel like a spring breeze, feel comfortable. On the contrary, the chaotic home style no matter how high-end products can not bring people happy mood. At the same time, healthy home color also has a high demand, because the color of the human psychology, especially the psychological growth of children have a certain guiding role. So you should carefully choose the hue of home decoration, if some of the visual effects of the bright color can not be as home improvement of the main colors appear.

Third, furniture design to meet ergonomic design

A set of truly healthy furniture should be as intimate and comprehensive as the servant, which requires not only the height of the furniture tables and chairs to be in line with the human body's use scale, but also the details of the functional requirements.

Fourth, the furniture must have a high security, to protect the health of their families

Families with children usually pay more attention to the safety of furniture, such as furniture, leaving a sharp sharp corners, the socket and other electrical devices hidden and so on. In fact, the safety of furniture should cause the attention of all families, because it is not only related to the health of the family, but also related to the issue of consumer disputes.

High security furniture should pay attention to some of the details of the design, such as the closure of the closet door tightness and the depth inside, tables and chairs of the load-bearing, etc., as long as attention to detail, can really get the wishful life.

Scientific progress, economic development to the life of a higher demand, but also provides more convenience. Only use healthy furniture, to create the best living in order to create a high quality of life.