Furniture commonly used wood

Fragrant fir:
       Wood texture straight, uniform structure, sooner or later material boundaries are not obvious, the intensity difference is small, not Alice does not crack. Material tough, moderate strength, high quality factor. With a fragrance, the material contains "fir brain", can be resistant to insects.
Fragrant Chinese fir is a kind of high quality wooden furniture material, with natural wood flavor, incense contained in the fir lignin can kill bacteria in the air, can inhibit the human pathogen. Fenamel has an inhibitory effect on various skin infections.
Fenfenol on the human body to eliminate fatigue, relieve stress health effects.
       Pine furniture in the visual first "color" wins people. Natural color, texture clear and beautiful. Fine texture, delicate lines, hardness and softness. Practical, durable, flexible and breathable, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance.
North American redwood:
       Alnus lumpur just cut down when almost white, and air contact quickly into light brown, with yellow or light red color; is a relatively soft medium density tree, processing performance is good. The wood is quite straight and the texture is uniform. Dry easily, after drying quality degradation is very small, with good stability.
       Other names: Ash, white and so on
       Woody structure is thick, texture straight, beautiful patterns, shiny, hardness. Ash is flexible, toughness, wear, moisture and other characteristics. Has good overall strength properties, good processing performance, suitable for dry climate; wood is usually straight, with a rough uniform texture, and the aging is very slight, performance changes.
North American Red Oak:
Red oak leaves the leaves when the red and its name, red oak most of the ruled, rough texture.
Widely used in decorating timber and making furniture, red oak heavy hard texture straight, thick structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, mechanical strength is very high, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting.
Unique wood grain and good surface treatment properties, used to produce natural oil or the same tone of the dyeing products are very good.