Dish and table cleaning and maintenance six rules

Dish and table cleaning and maintenance six rules

Dinners and chairs are good partners in our diet, cherish it not only for our province under the new cost, let us have a comfortable environment in the meal, the following provides you some dinette cleaning and maintenance code, let Your family dining table and chairs are fortunate to have a good master, you have a meal meal a pleasant mood!

1, to avoid the hot water or hot soup with the cup, tableware placed directly on the table, but should be coasters or insulation pad and the desktop separated.

2, as a result of the long heat sink on the desktop, leaving a white circle marks, this time can be used to wipe the cotton camphor oil, along the white mark traces like a circle to wipe back and forth, should be easy to remove traces.

3, glass table of white scale, as long as the white scale at the point to go to the oil, and then wipe the old stockings can be.

4, the color of the wooden dinette can be used to do with the dye in the scraper to do complementary color action, and other dyes dry, and then even the upper layer of light wax.

5, because the restaurant location is usually in the kitchen next door, so the dinette is easy to contaminated with fumes, users should be diligent in order to reduce the adhesion of dust, easy to clean up in the future.

6, in order to avoid contamination of oil contamination is difficult to remove, may wish to use the chair cover to protect your love chair, accidentally dirty, just remove the chair cover cleaning, convenient and easy, not hurt the chair.