Conference chair

Conference chair, also known as the guest chair, as the name suggests is that people during the meeting or meeting with a kind of furniture, can be divided into solid wood, wood, steel and wood, and plastic.
1, choose a comfortable meeting chair is vital. When you buy, you can sit down and feel the back of the chair is soft and hard moderate, the back of the curve is consistent with the curvature of the human spine, fully support the back, waist can reduce the back of the heavy pressure load, to ensure the correct sitting; Whether it is wide and solid, comprehensive support, both to reduce the body to sit down by the impact of the weight generated by the human body, but also to ease the long-term hearing when the buttocks bear the pressure, relaxation of physical and mental, improve work efficiency.
2, in addition to choose its style, color, comfort, but also pay attention to origin, the structure of the solid and sponge, leather quality.
3, comfortable, and can sit for a long time In addition to maintaining a good body curve, a conference chair can not forget that is to sit comfortably, and to sit comfortably, cushion is of course very important, in general, the cushion is best formed, so One can keep the elasticity is not easy to deformation, but also because the muscles to support the impact of the body is extremely important, so the fine cushion naturally have to give the body appropriate support, which can reduce fatigue, so the cushion is too soft or too low, Although it also involves a person's weight, but the quality really good cushion, generally there will still be a certain degree of weight tolerance, even if the user sitting on the long-term, will not feel too tired. Seat seat must meet the body curve of the three curved surface of the curved seat can increase the bottom of the thigh and hip and the seat of the contact area, so that the average pressure dispersion, not to focus on a point, and because of a slight tilt, but also stabilize the pelvic effect, to avoid Sitting will slide forward, in addition, rounded seat design, can also reduce the friction inside the knee and contact with the health of great benefit.