About Us


Who we are,

Anji Partner Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in Bar Stools, Bar Chairs, Bar Tables, Dining Chairs, Leisure Chairs and Office Chairs, etc.

Where we are,

Anji Partner Furniture Co., Ltd. is located at Anji County, where is well known as "The Town of Chairs" in China. In our this area, there is a complete and sustainable industry chain for Chairs.

What we do,

Anji Partner Furniture Co., Ltd. supply customers Industry Information, Products and Manufacturers Sourcing, Manufacturers Audit Service, Products Quality Control and Customers Services for Furniture field.

How we make it,

Experienced Team, Efficient Service, High Sense of Responsibility, Open Information, On Time Delivery and Strict Quality Control.

Our Goal,

To be your Partner in China!